not sure wher I'm going here...
So I typed MacLeod's story to be a sequel of Tom and Jinks' series stories. Just not even sure of what else i should type on. or where else for the matter. I have Terror's story connecting Tom the Berserler's planetary world in the future. I keep thinking of ideas for furthering Tom's story. including Jinks' story. ugh. its gotten me confused on who I should type or make more notes in my outline involving Edenia and Humania. ugh. i keep having to read my stories over and over for hopes of typing more down. or editing in that matter. ugh. Maybe I'm suffering from writer's block hence my confusion when I try to type those ideas down. I might be confused or something. Not even sure of that. anyway I'm not even sure if I should have made a connection of Terror's story to Shadan where Tom lives. oh well. dunno anyway. i was just acting on an advice of a friend suggesting that I connect all of my stories together and see how it goes. Ugh. well I did that including typing an outline of that story universe. anyway I'm not even sure of what to make of this. Ugh. Just combination my interests. Besides I admit that the Terror character was based off Babylon 5 a defunct TV series' character Marcus Cole. I kinda liked Marcus Cole enough to think of fan fiction. i thought of tons of fan fiction involving the babylon 5 series on TV. I even wrote down numerous stories. I don't think I bother to keep those stories anyway. i think I tossed them out. oh well. i still remember some of those stories enough to make my own version of the universe I wanted. Nothing involving babylon 5. Just my own universe and stuff and that's about it. Besides thanks to that friend I managed to combine my entire stories into one universe instead of separate universes. anyway now I have to go over the outline and figure out what else I should add to it including what else I had in MacLeod's story. Ugh. I sort of used the future in MacLeod's story. As in characters living on living forever or something. Ugh. well at least I'll have to seek that outline and figure out where to go from here.

Ideas galore
So a friend of mine gave me ideas for combine my stories involving the Humania universe with the vampire planet of Terra. I wound up doing that. This time I made Terra the future of Planet Earth. Well after Terrania the planet decides to have an enough of Humania and Earth being one planet and decides to separate. The planet now becomes Terra but the vampires don't come till their own planet suffers a disaster is when they'll crash into that planet. Anyway I do what I can to make some stories make sense. Also do some editing of some stories. i have stories galore that needs editing and fixing. I just need to figure out what else I can work on. I was in the mood to type something so I thought I would type this online journal down. I don't have much to work on with my stories. Its just the same old news involving my stories being fixed up over and over. I managed to finish the story "Tom the Berserker" series. I made originally ten books of it. I thought book nine and ten weren't acceptable for a romance like story so I didn't publish them. I kept them out of the series. I'm considering publishing them but I don't know if I should. oh well. I managed to self publish this series a part of the Tom the Berserker's world. I self published this character Jinks Montreal's point of view in Tom's storyline. I told Jinks' point of view but only on what I thought was important for him. I even included parts from the original book nine and ten in Tom's story to Jinks' story in one of the later books. This time I only told Jinks' point of view in that situation involving Tom and his wife Victoria. I didn't tell Tom's point of view. I considered but I didn't agree with book nine and ten came out. I didn't self publish them. I think I won't be doing that. Its not matching my theme of acceptance I have for Tom's character. He learning that acceptance from a female is what he should be getting than acceptance as an assassin. Anyway recently self published Jinks' story but this time made it cost a one dollar and ninety nine cents. I kinda like Jinks. He's my favorite character so far I have typed of any of the characters I have typed. I kinda prefer Jinks to Tom than anyway. Hence my prices for Jinks' story is outrageous at the moment. I'm not being greedy. I'm just preferring to make Jinks be important to me how worth his story is to me. I even worked on a story in the Terra series involving this character named Terror. Sort of book three of the Terra series actually. Anyway for Terror's third story I'm having a different theme other than forgiveness for the first story in that series. I had Terror be the Forgiver in the first story. the second story is on another character's point of view but this time isn't a forgiver but someone else instead that tells of what else happens to Terra. Besides I had a short story involving one character's point of view and wound up fixing it up to tell MacLeod's point of view. MacLeod is a character mentioned in "The Legend of Nikolai"'s story. I wanted each story in the Terra series to be a male's point of view. I'm not sure if I would do a female's point of view. Oh well. Not even sure of what theme I would do with MacLeod's story. Oh well. I figured out some themes but I'm not entirely sure of that. oh well.

Done with one story
I'm done with one story called "Tom the Berserker" published online It's an eight e-book story actually. The Tom story is a part of my Humania Universe series published online smashwords. I managed to make book one of Tom's story for free online smashwords. I thought the marketing of the story being really good would attract people enough to consider buying the rest of the book series. Someone already did that purchasing. I do hope the purchasing isn't a family member but I don't know. The purchaser's identity isn't known to me. Its just anonymously purchasing with no identity to whoever is doing it. Oh well. Anyway I'm debating on what to do with this story "Guardian". I'm sort of stuck on it at the moment. Not even sure of where I'm going with that story. Its like a soap opera has no ending of the story and continues on going and going. I might have to go back onto that story and figure out where to end it including seeing on what theme the story should have. I did think of a theme for that story and added it in. I might have to edit that story again and see what I can do to make sure its theme is appropriate including making sure that the story makes sense. I would have to work on it and see how it goes. Maybe just fix it up for publishing online smashwords. I kinda like publishing online smashwords. Its nice to do my own stories and edit them myself. I feel like I'm accomplished when I do that self publishing myself. Its just the way I feel when it comes to finishing a book which doesn't matter if its someone else's work or my own work. I feel accomplished when I finish a story. I have ideas for finishing one story "Guardian." I just need to work on it and see how it goes.

Worked onto a story.
I spent hours yesterday editing this story "Guardian." I worked on editing it then I had an interruption with a social visit by a family member to go out for eating out and shopping. Then I got home and got hit with an idea on fixing up the Guardian story to show more of the main character a male's thought process.
Instead of typing something like: "He figured he'll go to bed."
I typed his thought process such as "He figured 'I'll go to bed.'"
Anyway it meant I had to start all over again from the beginning of the Guardian story and focus onto seeing what I could do to make the necessary changes. I stayed up till the wee hours of the morning till I got back to where I left off. I'm really tired at the moment. I'm also running on caffeine and sugar from chocolate foods I ate. I also drank something really sugary hence I unable to take a nap yet. I have the bed set for napping at the moment. Also this morning I discovered I didn't feel like working on the Guardian story at all. I guess I must be fed up with working onto that story. I was fixing type to include paragraphs and comma uses. I just type all over the place with lots of run on sentences. I don't bother with the paragraphs or commas' uses. I sort of go over that once I'm sure I'm done with that story or feel like its finished for me to edit it. I keep thinking of crafting a love story for this Guardian character. Problem is I would have to type the female's point of view. I'm quite terrible doing the female's point of view despite being a woman myself. I can type female point of views' in first person which is talk for using "I write about you" and not "She wrote about him" which is third person. I can type various ideas involving in third person for a male's point of view. I even have tons of ideas for that. Problem is I'm having trouble thinking of how to craft a romance story for both a male's point of view and a female's point of view. I might have have to figure out how to do that one of those days. I don't get it why I seem to think of tons of ideas for third person told in a male's point of view regarding the stories I'm typing. I seem to have trouble typing the female's point of view. I had no trouble with first person. Mostly I was able to type a story in first person using a female's point of view for a few stories involving diary entries. I managed to figure out how to type those stories down. As for typing stories by a male's first person point of view that's where I'm stuck with not much ideas for this. Its not good to focus onto one point of view when it comes to my writing. I don't like that. I like to be every where with my points of views involving my stories. I wouldn't mind if I was like that anyway. Some authors have the luck to craft stories such as romance telling both the male's and female's point of views. I have trouble doing that. I also find that lots of people don't seem interested in my stories focused onto a male's point of view unless it's something else than just a romance story with a science fiction theme. I do add scenes of romance into my stories to make it seem pretty good to me. Problem is my romance stories aren't that popular among people at the moment. Plus people are more interested in sticking with authors they already read and know that they'll get good quality of work. I feel the same at the moment. I just wish the economy in this country wasn't so bad at the moment. Hence people not willing to buy new to them authors' work. I feel the same way as they do when it comes to buying authors' work. I tend to prefer to get work that is free or from an author that I already read and invested into her/his series heavily. I don't care for new to me authors. I think this point of view is why people aren't willing to give me a chance of purchasing my work or reviewing my work online I keep hoping to get a rating or a review. No one has bothered to rate my work or bothered to review it since I published it online Smashwords. I also am jealous that someone had success in gaining popularity publishing her work that way online Smashwords enough to gain a contract and publish her work in a paper format. I'm stuck with an electronic format including trying to get people to buy my work. I don't know what's going on with this attitude of repeatedly ignoring my efforts to get people to purchase my work. I really don't like this at all. I don't know what else I can do regarding my work other than keep on advertising it online websites and message forums and wherever I think I can gain publicity for it. That stinks when I don't get success in having my work become best sellers over night. I wouldn't just once get one of my stories become a bestseller or most downloaded online Smashwords. I wouldn't mind just once I could feel like I'm accomplished something with all the hard work I did onto my stories or one of my stories. It sucks when I'm not feeling accomplished when it comes to my work published online. It's really aggravating when I do all this hard work onto my story only to find out it won't sell no matter how I try to advertising it online. Just the pits. Just once I wish I would have success with one of my stories either a bestseller by buying or most downloaded by being free online Smashwords. I wouldn't mind that anyway.

I finished a story titled "Tom the Berserker." I made about eight parts or chapters of that story actually. I think the sections are chapters but their lengthy chapters anyway. Mostly around one hundred and fifty pages via my Microsoft word program 2003. I could have combined the stories together into one file. I did that before I did any editing of the stories. I figured this time I would have to do that combination once I'm sure I'm done editing the stories. I keep on thinking on various ideas for each of the "Tom the Berserker" stories all eight parts of them. Just to help the reader understand why this Tom the main character has his traits of being an assassin and doing anything for acceptance. Also including gaining his Father's message of what his Father wanted him to do. Such as understanding the message and what his Father was trying to tell him while living on an alien planetary world I dub by the name of "Shadan." Tom is a rather unique individual at the moment. He has a Human appearance but has ah some scary alien side to him that I dub by the name of Berserker. Its another name for Banshee a screamer humanoid species that have horse like heads with a bony Human like body and an ability to scream very loudly. Tom is partially Human and partially the Banshee species while trying to find acceptance from anyone including doing work as an assassin for a group called High Council. He learns that his acceptance should come from another source and not from a group while serving as an assassin via lessons his Father teaches him.
Anyway I have one story titled "Guardian" about one hundred and forty four pages so far at the moment on the Microsoft word 2003 program. I keep on thinking of adding something to that story like a theme for this male character to think of having a purpose in life. Maybe some purpose of gaining a female as his companion or having a purpose in his life to live while living in the planetary world he currently lives in after being born there. That other than being the King's illegitimate son born through an actress and heir to the throne of Australia. I call Australia by the name of "Mahalia". Mahalia is an independent nation ruling with their own leader and their own King on an earth like planet I dub Egyptia. I happen to like ancient Egypt hence the name of Egyptia used. I also used the term of Egyptian when referring to the natives. I sort of used the planet earth to be the basis of Egyptia while adding facts and stuff to nations that seem like its a copy of planet earth but in my version. In my version I used the name of Brittany for Great Britain including the name of Columbia for the North America continent. I haven't made up my mind if I should include South America continent or Central America either. So far I'm just exploring this planetary world of Egyptia.
I self published online for $0.99 this story focused into Egyptia called "A Stranger's Fear." I sort of published it online after doing some editing to that story. I edited the story the best I could. It's about a stranger traveling on horseback through a forest jungle while trying to avoid man eating dinosaurs. The stranger's story is told by an old man to his grandchildren. I don't right away say who the old man or the stranger is right away. I sort of give details on who they are later in the story.
I also wound up publishing online smashwords this free story titled "Mara's Story". It is about Lisa reading a book which is diary entries by Mara a vampire or some version of a vampire via a computer she typing the diaries in. I called the planetary world Mara lives in with Lisa living in currently as Terra some version of planet Earth. This time I used the excuse of the humanoid natives arriving from another planet to land onto Terra and colonizing it including some of the people are vampires. I didn't use evolution this time to explain on humanoids got to the planet Terra. Instead used the humanoids including vampires crashed landed onto the planetary world of Terra via space ships from a dying planet and colonized it in the process. This time I used excuses towards females appearing to form some twinning look of hair black and intense blue Human eyes and pale white skin as mates for vampires mostly males. The male vampires in Terra mostly communicate via mental mind talk to male vampires all over the place. They also communicate towards females but it mostly focused onto their females their paired to. Also there's exceptions of vampires the males communicating with other females that aren't mates of them. They have this all red eyed colored status as a result of able to do that and achieve the leadership position among the vampires. I call the vampires in my Terra planetary world by the name of "Bloody." I don't use the term vampire but this term Bloody to hint that their vampires living in Terra among Humans while equals or seen as gods in island nations including in the South American continent's nation of Brazil where a King currently lives ruling the Bloodies in peace.
I also published online smashwords this story called "My Life as a Vampire" which is for $0.99 and is another version of "Mara's Story." This time this story focuses onto a female named Beth told in first person told that she's a vampire by her brother Janick blaring at her. She gets thrust a library book by her brother and reads it on the advice of the housekeeper of the island nation their currently living in. The book Beth learns is written by her Mother using a pen name to describe her life as a vampire and later getting paired to a male as her mate.
Anyway I have to make up my mind on what to do with the stories of Guardian and Tom the Berserker. I have to figure out if I should publish them both online smashwords either for free or for ninety nine cents in U.S. money terms. I would have to read either story and make sure of what theme they'll have to have. I keep thinking of ideas for improving either stories. Such as making the Guardian story longer by giving a theme involving this male character to have a female as his mate he keep on seeking while having purpose in life living in Egyptia. I also have to figure out what theme I should use for my Tom character. I figured I could use the theme of acceptance but I'm not entirely sure of what kind of theme I should focus into. Either the theme of finding acceptance from a female to be paired as his (Tom's) or something else. Oh well. I guess I'll have to wait and see what I can think of later.

What's going on with Nora Roberts and her work? It seems like their not up to quality status lately. Her newest written work via books I read have been boring me. I don't know why I keep finding her work boring. I think she's writing for money this time instead of focusing onto quality. I wish people would stop buying Nora's books and make it clear to her that her work is terrible. Her written works need to be focused onto quality and not onto money making to earn a living. I'm trying to make my written work have good quality's standards when it comes to publishing them online. I don't seem to appreciate when people have refused to help me achieve success with my written works. I don't like self publishing online. I don't like that. Well there's one advantage to self publishing is that I don't have to work underneath a deadline to get a written book out published to readers to read. I haven't been able to type any muse talk lately. I've been waking up with headaches every morning that its driven me away from focusing onto my typing stories. Also I haven't been able to daydream much for my stories worthy of typing them or finishing them at all. I just don't like that happening. I feel like I'm not going to have any success with my writing career at all. I keep hoping on having a good writing career but its not happening. I'm stuck at crossroads trying to figure out what to do with my life and earn a living too. I'm just stuck with losing in the writing world. I'm stuck with losing a lot whenever I try to win in things. Such as getting my work published into magazines or accepted by editors of publishing houses. I hate it when I lose in ebay too. I like to be able to win money in ebay by getting stuff sold too. I figured its going to take me quite awhile before I get anyone interested in my stuff on ebay. Also its going to take quite awhile before anyone gets interested in my story work enough to purchase them. I wouldn't mind if that would happen. I wouldn't mind earning money off my stories. Like enough to put some money away to play with for buying expensive things around my home too. I have secondhand thrift shop and old furniture too. I wouldn't mind if I could afford to replace those items with something of higher quality. I'm just a little frustrated that I keep losing in earning money via selling my stories online. Also losing via ebay. I'm just annoyed that I'm losing when it comes to trying to get money from people via my stories or my stuff on ebay. I don't like that happening at all.

Don't get it.
I'm on ebay as "Stonehawk". I posted seven autographed books by other authors onto there for selling. I even posted it onto a message forum I'm a member of just to see if someone is interested in purchasing those books. I'm trying to sell some of my stuff online ebay but I'm not having any luck. Hardly anyone seemed interested in bidding on those autographed books I had on ebay or buying them outright. I even lowered the prices too. I had to relist those books for selling them on ebay. I think I'm going to be relisting those books onto ebay for a long time or till its obvious no one is interested in buying them. I have autographed books of the following:
"Return of the Border Warrior" by Blythe Giffords
"Be Mine Tonight" by Kathryn Smith
"Servant: the Awakening" by L.L. Foster
"The Pirate Lord" by Sabrina Jeffries
"The Dragon Lord" by Connie Mason
"Moon Eclipse, Days of Darkness" by Jean Marie Rusin
"Regal Reward" by Elaine Violette
I'm dying to have success selling stuff online ebay. I wouldn't mind if I could have any success with selling stuff online ebay. It'll be nice. I wouldn't mind earning some money on the side from selling stuff on ebay. Just don't get it when no one is willing to buy my books on ebay. Just don't at all.

well something new
I found from a profile website this website its a website for people to post poetry and stories for free. I managed to get some poetry and stories published onto there. That's after joining up for the website's membership for posting things onto it. I'm currently onto there via my own name instead of a fake name. I felt like my own name posted onto there would help get me the free publicity I need to get people to consider me a good author of stories. Also its rather nice to get feedback onto the stories I post onto there. I don't mind. Its rather nice to get that feedback for free. I don't have to take a college class I'll go broke trying to afford for feedback onto the stories I currently hope to publish online I wouldn't mind if I could get some more stories further published onto there. Its a nice goal for me anyway. Well its something I'll have to figure out what to do just to get the stories published onto that website. Anyway I still can't type anything story wise down very much lately. I managed to edit two stories for publishing online. One on readwave and one on livejournal. That's nice that I managed to edit both stories. Except I found I had too many run on sentences with my work. I just don't like that happening at all. I wouldn't mind if I could type my stories better. Like without the run on sentences I keep on doing over and over to my stories. I wouldn't mind if I could change this behavior with my run on sentences and type better. It'll be good for me to get my work sold some more if I didn't have any run on sentences in them. I figured that losing those run on sentences would help I hope. Well I don't know but its a goal I would have to work on. Oh well.

so so in writing
I managed to fix up a story but didn't finish it. I've been having ideas on fixing up other stories I currently have typed down to be published onto Smashwords. I keep thinking of publishing those stories onto Smashwords for people to check out and be amused by. Ugh means having to get a title for those stories. Plus reading them for any run on sentences. I noticed that I typed too many run on sentences in most of my writing I got typed onto the computer. I don't know what to do about it except edit the story and hope I can fix it up for publishing onto Smashwords's website. Well I just happen to like publishing stories anyway. Its just something I don't mind doing just to make a living in the writing's world. I wouldn't mind if I could see what I could do to get some stories published. I would have to fix up those stories this time and see how that goes. I don't have much to type about regarding my stories. I still keep waking up with those headaches that kill my mood to type anything story idea down. I can type emails and this journal entry but that's about it. I don't like having these headaches I keep on getting every morning whenever I wake up. It really gets me depressed to the point that I'm taking depression pills just to stop feeling sad. The jury is still out on how I'm feeling regarding taking the medication I'm on for depression issues. I've been on the medication for months for awhile. Its going to take quite a bit before I get any mood improvements. What would make me happy would be typing story ideas every day for hours instead of online journal entries. I just feel crappy today. I still was blocked from typing anything story idea down. My Dad tells me that typing takes time. I really don't like that at all. I prefer to type every day when I get the chance to do it. Mostly for hours all day would be nice whenever I'm not required to go outside for whatever business I need to do. I sort of miss this typing all day thing. This is few and far in between days of when I go to the computer to type story ideas. I find that the mood isn't usually there for me to type. I keep getting a headache as usual. I get lucky one of those days when the mood to type hits is when I would type all day. I just hope that the mood doesn't hit on an inappropriate day. I mean a day when I have to go outside to get errands done. This is not what I had in mind to put up with when the mood hits. There's nothing I can do except type story ideas as long as I can before I go do my errands. Ugh well I have things to do this week so I can't be staying home typing all day. I just hope I can get my errands done early this week before I get hit with any moods to type story ideas all day. Oh well.

autumnbright1 "MY LIFE AS A VAMPIRE" is for 99 cents. Have fun buying it. Its an urban fantasy romance paranormal vampire fiction story. Its fiction despite the use of the name of Beth same as the author's name when its not really true life actually. Its a fiction story. I've find the story fiction from reading it. Its about a female named Beth that gets thrust a book from her brother Janick forcing her to read it. She reads the book to discover its a series of letters by her Mother Amyanna using a pen name as author of the book. The letters are addressed to Elizabeth which is where the name of Beth came from for Amyanna's daughter Beth herself. Amyanna details finding love and acceptance from a male vampire. She details being rejected and treated unfairly by people she considered friends and family. "ERIC BOOK 1" a romance story told in the male's point of view with a science fiction theme. "ERIC BOOK 2" is the sequel to book one with the same theme.


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